To promote essential activities for achieving sustainable development.

Activity Overview

There are global demands today for building sustainable societies amid the growing severity and complexity of global environmental and resource issues compounded in part by the rapid growth of emerging markets, among other factors. The Nissan Global Foundation provides grants for fostering human resources capable of grasping the essence of matters and leading sustainable development as well as for research resulting in proposals of methods for attaining fundamental solutions.

HR Development Grant Education Grant Science Education Grant Nomination by municipal boards of education Education to enhance children's scientific thinking ability.
Sustainability Education Grant (IPoS) Nomination Education to deepen Japanese and Southeast Asian students' understandings in science, technology, and sustainability.
Scholarship Grant Scholarship Grant for students in developing countries (Nissan Global Foundation Scholarship) Invite applications Scholarship and education support program in developing countries.
Scholarship grant for doctoral students in Japan (Zero Carbon Leaders Program) Invite applications Study at a French university and internship in Japanese and French companies to foster practical-minded doctoral students.
Research Grant Social science research Invite applications Social science to create new values of 'mobility' in a low emission society.
Industrial and technological research Nomination Industrial structure and technological research towards a low emission society.
Environmental research Invite applications Research for effective use of solar energy to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.
Cognitive science research Invite applications Cognitive science research for innovative interfaces between man and machine.